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May 19, 2010

The Truthseeker newsletter vol.5

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This is the newsletter of Religion and Current Events.

Subject: Who do you worship with and why?
Why do you attend church? Is it because you have the most talented quire? Do you enjoy the songs? Is it because your pastor has the best antics and suits? Or do you go to show off your new outfits? If it surprises you that these are not important reasons to go to church, there is something wrong with your reasoning. It is true that there are some songs that can be inspirational and that an enthusiastic pastor can be entertaining, however; what are you really learning? Shouldn’t the purpose of going to church be to gain knowledge of God and to find out what is pleasing to God? (Eccl.12:13) Proverbs 1:7 of  The Holy Bible translated by the World publishing company reads: ” the fear of the Lord is the beggining of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”
While watching a televangelist one day, I noticed that his congregation was extremely animated. One woman seemed totally entranced by him and his fiery delivery. I laughed when he held a familiar tune that most people know. He sang ” Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily merrily merily merrily, life is but a dream.” The sight of a minister doing this from the stage can be quite humorous. One thing I noticed is that he rarely quoted from the bible however. His antics were amusing but we always want to use Gods word as the ultimate authority when we are preaching.
While many people may think nothing of hopping from one friends church to another friends church. Doing so can be harmful to ones spiritual health. The book of revelations holds prophecies that describe the fall of Babylon the Great, also known as the world empire of false religion. In The Holy bible published by the world publishing company (not the Watchtower bible and tract society) at Revelations 17:5 it reads :”And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon the Great, The mother of the Harlots and Abominations of the earth.” Babylon the Great is described as the mother of  Harlots. Upon close examination of revelations it is understood that because of how false religions “mix” with political kingdoms which are under demonic rule, Babylon the Great must be destroyed.

     I have examined revelations many times and other bible scholars will tell you that the book of revelations does contain many symbolysms and agree with what I just stated.  Satan is symbolized as a dragon in the book of revelations.  Political systems are sometimes symbolized as beasts.  (Rev. 13)  The bible is a book of prophecy.  Time and time again the prophecies of the bible have come true.  At Revelations 14:8 the fall of Babylon the Great is prophesied.  Satan and his demons still use Babylon the Great to decieve people today.  (Rev.12:9)  She hasn’t fallen yet.  Do you want to be mixed in with her when she eventually falls.  From what I understand, when she falls, she will fall hard. 

      Although persons at your church may be familiar with the doctrine or main teachings of your church, the chances are very likely that some of them disagree with or do not fully understand all of the churches beliefs.  That goes for all churches or religions.  It would be a wonderful thing if everyones mind was in sync with a totally truthful doctrine.  Because of Adams original sin which made us all imperfect, that is not possible yet.  Your congregation would have to be extremely small for that to be the case. There will come a time when all persons will be united under Jesus Christs rule however. (Dan.2:44) Until then I urge you to continue following us and to comment on the truths that are unveiled here at

Subject:  “Which bible is the best for you?”

     The bible has been translated into many languages.  Many of the translations contain the Old testament which was originally written in Hebrew and the new testament which was originally written in Greek.  Many of those bibles contain 66 books and the books chosen to be a part of the bible were chosen by prominent religious leaders who were the majority.  Some churches chose to use additional books as part of their worship.  (The Roman Catholic church, and the Eastern Orthodox church to name a few)  These churches are the minority.  Most churches only use bibles that contain 66 books.  The books of the bible that were chosen by the majority and prominent religious leaders were considered to be canonical or worthy to be read in church and used for religious aid.  The question is; What is the best bible to use?

     It has been discovered that many bibles have been tampered with.  Even the bibles that contain 66 books.  It is believed by some christians that a letter was taken away from the gospel of John possibly to support belief in the trinity.  In some bibles at John it reads,” In the beggining the Word was.  And the Word was with God, and the Word was a God.”  In other bibles it states “the Word was God.”  This may seem insignificant but it certainly isn’t.  The Word is another name used to describe the Christ.  For some the Trinity means that God, Christ, and the holy spirit are one and the same.  There are many gods in this world.  In the bible even Satan is described as a god at 2 Cor.4:4.  Many false gods have also been worshipped since the beginning of time.  The Word is described as a god since he helped create everything.  At John 1:3  it says “All things came into existence through him, and apart from him not even one thing came into existence.”

     It is believed that the letter “a” was taken away from the scriptures at John 1:1 to support the Trinity belief.  It leads people to believe that the Word is the same as God as opposed to him being godlike.  ( Bibles that have historically translated this verse correctly are: The Bible- An American Translation, by J.M.P. Smith and E.J. Goodspeed, Chicago 1935.   Also : The New Testament, in an improved version, upon the basis of Archbishop Newcomes New translation:  with a corrected text, london 1808. to name a few.)

     In many bibles Gods divine name was also removed due to Jewish superstition.  In the synogogue at Nazereth, when Jesus rose and read Isaiah 61:1,2 he pronounced Gods divine name.  This was in accordance with his determination to make Jehovahs name known as can be seen in his prayer to his Father at Joh.17:6,26. 

     Jehovah gave His name to Moses in the form of four Hebrew letters.  We cannot be sure how the name was pronounced today.  We do know that God wanted His name to be known by His followers.  His name diffrentiates Him from other gods.  He let His name be known to Moses at Exodus 6:3.

     Due to the fact that the bible does not indicate that God wanted His name to be hidden at any time and that substituting His name with “Lord” or “God” can cause confusion; it is understood that a translation that that restores His name to the scriptures is necessary.

      There is a translation of the bible that acknowledges the point made in this article.  There are some churches that use other books in addition to the 66 canonized books of the bible.  Some of those books may inspire persons to worship the true God but they may also be historically innacurrate or have other flaws.  This is why using these books inside or outside of church is not recommended.  Where some bibles have been tampered with to support pagan or prechristian teachings, there are some bibles that have stayed away from going in that direction.  While it was a common custon to substitute Gods name by inserting the word “Lord” or “God” into the scriptures; it is understood that this only weakens a translation.

  Afterword:  The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures is a bible that acknowledges the points made in this article and the translators have translated the bible in a way that steers clear of the mistakes made by many bible translators.  While the basic truths of the bible can be taught by using the King James version, it is understood by many bible scholars that the King James version as well as many other translations are flawed.  Some of the flaws are outlined in this article.  The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures was published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.  This is an organization affiliated with Jehovahs witnesses.  This newsletter is not affiliated with or a part of the Jehovahs witnesses organization.  After careful study it is accepted that The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures is the best known translation today.


May 2, 2010

The Truthseeker companion vol.1

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Foreword:  This newsletter is a commentary on the Truthseeker newsletter.  It also covers current events.

      This is a very joyful time since the congregation is building.  It is small but it is building.  The last newletter is volume 5.  I think it is the best place for newcomers to start.  The article “How do we know the bible is from God?” will extend your understanding on the bible.  Many people think it is just a book written by men.  Many still do not understand that it is a book of divine prophecy and the predictions within it have come true time and time again.  The intentions are genuine in that we would like to steer you toward bible truths and toward salvation.  The bible predicts many blessings for righteous followers of Christ and his Father Jehovah. 

     We are not a part of the Watchtower bible and tract society.  We are not Jehovahs Witnesses.  Although the plan is to Witness or shall I say spew the good news of Gods word the bible abroad.  We are Christian but Nondenominational.  There are no plans to knock on anyones door to bring them Gods word as that is sometimes viewed as intrusive.  There are many places where we can meet our loved ones and strangers alike with Gods word.  This is basically an online church.  Ministers of God are urgently needed.  We should all heed the command that Christ gave to his followers at Matthew 28:19,20.  Aiding you in that is a priority.  Prayers that we are steered in the right direction are frequently made.  Your comments important to us.  Even if you disagree with something that you see.  We only want to do righteous works.  Faith without works is dead.  It was written.   The Truthseeker newsletter volume 5 will be finished shortly.

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