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May 2, 2010

The Truthseeker companion vol.1

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Foreword:  This newsletter is a commentary on the Truthseeker newsletter.  It also covers current events.

      This is a very joyful time since the congregation is building.  It is small but it is building.  The last newletter is volume 5.  I think it is the best place for newcomers to start.  The article “How do we know the bible is from God?” will extend your understanding on the bible.  Many people think it is just a book written by men.  Many still do not understand that it is a book of divine prophecy and the predictions within it have come true time and time again.  The intentions are genuine in that we would like to steer you toward bible truths and toward salvation.  The bible predicts many blessings for righteous followers of Christ and his Father Jehovah. 

     We are not a part of the Watchtower bible and tract society.  We are not Jehovahs Witnesses.  Although the plan is to Witness or shall I say spew the good news of Gods word the bible abroad.  We are Christian but Nondenominational.  There are no plans to knock on anyones door to bring them Gods word as that is sometimes viewed as intrusive.  There are many places where we can meet our loved ones and strangers alike with Gods word.  This is basically an online church.  Ministers of God are urgently needed.  We should all heed the command that Christ gave to his followers at Matthew 28:19,20.  Aiding you in that is a priority.  Prayers that we are steered in the right direction are frequently made.  Your comments important to us.  Even if you disagree with something that you see.  We only want to do righteous works.  Faith without works is dead.  It was written.   The Truthseeker newsletter volume 5 will be finished shortly.


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