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July 27, 2011

Truthseeker Newsletter vol.6

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Should we uphold the sabbath?

Many religious persons worldwide uphold the sabbath day as a sacred holy day on which no work must be done.  The question is; Is this the right thing for them to be doing?  In the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures at Exodus 20:9,10 it says” you are to render service and you must do all your work six days.  But the seventh day is a sabbath to Jehovah your God. You must not do any work, you nor your son nor your daughter,your slave man nor your slave girl nor your domestic animal nor your alien resident who resides inside your gates.” So we see that during the days of “The Law” when god had a chosen people, God did have a sabbath day that persons were to uphold.  However are we all as Christians to follow a sabbath today?  At Romans 10:4 it states “Christ is the end of the Law, so that everyone exercising faith may have righteousness.” Sabbath keeping was a part of the law.  God used Christ to bring the law to its end.  Our having a righteous standing with god depends on us having faith in Christ, not on keeping a weekly sabbath.  Read Ephesians 2: 13-16.  At Colossians 2:13-16 it reads “God kindly forgave us all our trespasses and blotted out the handwritten document against us, which consisted in decrees and which was in opposition to us…Therefore let no man judge you in eating and drinking or in respect of a festival or of an observance of the new moon or of a sabbath.”  The handwritten document spoken of here is The Law. Through Christ we have a means of our sins being forgiven.  We need not lean on The Law. Under the mosaic Law if a person was found guilty of doing some work on the sabbath he was to be stoned to death by the whole congregation  according to exodus 31: 14 and Numbers 15: 32-35.  Christians today are not expected to do that either ofcourse.  By law of the land we cannot stone wrongdoers to death for disobeying the sabbath.  Many who argue for sabbath keeping should be glad that we are not under that law.

The Seventh day Adventists churches uphold the sabbath and argue in its behalf but if their followers do not uphold the sabbath they do not stone them.  So they are in a sense disobeying part of the law which they feel they are under.  The Adventists bring out much truth from the bible and spread it abroad to their followers and newcomers in pamphlets etcetera.  However when it comes to their adherance to the sabbath they are going astray from what is nessessary to do as a worshiper of God.  The New testament repeatedly tells us to follow Christ as opposed to the Law.  The Law was created for Gods chosen people at the time (Isreal) so that they can see that they are sinners and that they could not stand up to all of Gods laws. Some of the principals of the Law we can still follow today, but we are not under obligation to follow the Law word for word and we cannot do so because it conflicts with the laws of the land.

I hope that the issue of whether or not to uphold the sabbath has been clearly explained to you and that you now have a clear understanding.  Please leave a comment so we can see your point of view and that any misunderstandings can be cleared up. God be with you.


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