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August 10, 2013

The Truthseeker newsletter vol. 8

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    Building a new congregation

In this newsletter we intend on letting you all know our intentions for a new worldwide congregation.  Because of the internet and social media it is  very easy to broadcast important information to the world in ways that were not plausible in the past.  We see no reason why we shouldn’t take advantage of this.  Our followers are few at this time but we intend on reaching as many people as we can worldwide with our good news and current truths.  We intend on reaching persons who are seeking the truth on current events and religious issues.  This is part of the reason the Truthseeker program was started.  By reaching persons worldwide with with our messages we feel we are fulfilling our god given obligation.  (Mt 24:14, Ec 12:13,) The scriptures indicate that once you have gained knowledge about the true God, you are obligated to speak that knowledge to others.  As the writer of this newsletter I do not wish to be known as The Truthseeker or even simply as Truthseeker.  My name is not what is important.  Just know that I am a God fearing man who is trying to fulfill his obligation to God.  I do not intend on writing all of these newsletters myself either.  I intend on meeting and grooming other brothers in spirit to speak the word to others in the best ways possible.  I believe it is Gods will for some of you to write some of these articles, pass out written literature, and minister to others in the best ways we see fit.

We will be continuously praying for holy spirit in order to reach all persons with the right messages for them whether or not that means ministering to them individually or as part of a congregation.  We use the bible as the ultimate authority when it comes to analyzing situations and ministering to the sick, bereaved, or those in need of counsel.  We encourage our worldwide followers to do thorough research before commenting on articles as we do thorough research ourselves to bring you our end summaries on topics in our Truthseeker newsletter.  We know that Satan the devil is looking to deceive the entire inhabited world and we know that includes us so we do thorough research before delivering our summaries to you. (Re 12:9)  This is not an attempt to start a cult and as far as the topic of cults go we suggest that you read Brother Jamal D. Sanders’s article on “How to leave a cult” at when you have some time as well as the  article in The Truthseeker newsletter vol. 5 on “Who do you worship with and why”.

One of the reasons this Truthseeker program is so important is that there is so much deception in the world and time is running out.  It appears we are living in the last days. (2 Ti 3: 1-5) No one knows when the last day itself will be however we must be vigilante and active in doing gods work.  (1 Th 5:2)

We want to be vigilante or awake during the time of the end because we don’t want to be part of the world empire of false religion when Gods judgement falls upon it.  Upon close research we can see that false religion is likened to a harlot or woman in revelations.  (Re 17:1, 5,6) False religion is know as Babylon in the book of revelations.  Babylon the Great will fall hard.  (Re 18:8) We certainly would want to be separate from Babylon the Great when her time comes to be judged.  The bible tells us that God will bless those who do his will and those who are are judged as righteous.  The bible speaks of a new heavens and a new earth where righteousness is to dwell.  (2 Pe 3:13) The bible also tells us that we can live forever if we are God fearing and do Gods will.  (Isa 65:17-25, Joh 11: 25,26)  These are blessings we can all attain if we realize that we are all sinners who need to adhere to Gods word the bible in order to make it. (Ro 5:12)

We may not always agree on every summary reached in the Truthseeker newsletters, however we believe that we will be revealing a lot of truth so that we can feed you spiritually.  Some people may have specific needs that need to be met, this is why we hope and pray for growth in followers and ministers.  We cannot feed you all the same message and expect to heal your spirits all at once.  This is an attempt at reaching as many persons as possible with the truth.  We will not pretend to have all the answers to all of your questions or claim to have “New light” if it is not really so.  Also we want you to question our conclusions on different topics if you do not understand or agree with them.  This is the only way to learn.  We do not claim to be perfect but we believe we are doing Gods will and we attempt to bring you as much God inspired truth as we can.  Keep in mind, there are still many sacred secrets that we still do not know.  When I say we, I mean the entire world.  God reveals His word in His own time.  With all this being said, we encourage you to continue to follow us and to be a part of the Truthseeker program.


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