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November 18, 2013

The Truthseeker Newsletter vol.9

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“How should we all view the cross?”

This article is written with the intent of giving the reader clarity on the issues. Even if you disagree with the conclusion drawn by myself, studying this article will make you more knowledgeable and more well rounded.  Some of the common customs of this world are not in line with Gods will yet people of the world continue to embrace these customs any way.  For example, many persons celebrate Christmas even though many believe that Christ was not born on December  25th.  At this time I choose to focus my attention on the cross however.  I see an urgent need to clarify how the cross should be viewed amongst the fellow Christians around myself.

To come to a conclusion on how the cross should be viewed, I have examined the topic by using the book “Reasoning from the Scriptures” a publication written by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc.  Some of you may know the publishers better as Jehovah’s Witnesses.  I however am not a Jehovah’s Witness.  I do believe Jehovah is God though.  The book “Reasoning from the Scriptures” quotes other worldly books that speak on the cross and these books are beneficial when it comes to gathering information on the subject.  “Reasoning from the Scriptures” also quotes the bible in order to come to an understanding on the topic.  According to RS (Reasoning from the Scriptures) the Greek word rendered “cross” in many modern Bible versions is stauros.  In classical Greek, this word meant merely an upright stake or “torture stake”.  Later it came to mean an execution stake having a crosspiece.  But originally the word stauros simply meant a torture stake or upright pole.  According to RS the book The Non-Christian Cross, by J.D. Parsons (London, 1896) says “There is not a single sentence in any of the numerous writings forming the New Testament which in the original Greek bears even indirect evidence to the effect that the stauros used in the case of Jesus was other than an ordinary stauros;  much less to the effect that it consisted not of one piece of timber, but of two pieces nailed together to form a cross.  The article in RS also lets the reader know that in the time of the Apostles the primary meaning of the word stauros was not cross and it did not become so until long afterwards.  The weight of the evidence indicates that Jesus died on an upright stake, not on the traditional cross; see also “The Companion Bible” (London, 1885) Appendix No. 162.

The actual origins of the cross in religious circles is apparently rooted in pagan worship.  RS quotes the Encyclopedia Britannica which states “Various objects, dating from periods long anterior to the Christian era have been found marked with crosses of different designs in almost every part of the old world.  India, Syria, Persia, and Egypt have all yielded numberless examples…The use of the cross as a religious symbol in pre-Christian times and among non-Christian peoples may probably be regarded as almost universal, and in many cases it was connected with some form of nature worship.”- Encyclopedia Brittanica (1946), Vol. 6, p. 753.

This is not the first time I have done research on the cross and because of my research I have been able to identify the cross as a sign of Babylon or Babylon the great (the world empire of false religion). I am no longer surprised that so many persons are deceived into embracing the cross.  I know that Revelations 12:9 tells us that Satan is misleading the entire inhabited earth.  Many persons use the cross as an idol despite what the scriptures tell us at Exodus 20:4,5.  At those scriptures in Exodus God commanded that His people not make an image before which persons would bow down in front of.  You may ask if it is okay to cherish or wear crosses as long as you don’t worship it.  In ancient Israel unfaithful Jews wept over the death of the false god Tammuz .  Jehovah spoke of what they were doing as a ‘detestable thing’ (Ezek.8:13,14) According to history, Tammuz was a Babylonian god, and the cross was his symbol.  By cherishing the cross a person is honoring a symbol of worship that is opposed to the true God.  The cross has also been used in phallic worship which is also detestable to Jehovah God.

As a true Christian, if you know that Christ apparently did not die on a cross, and that the cross was used in forms of worship that are displeasing to God long before Christ ever walked the earth, it would be only right to shun the cross and view it as a symbol of Babylon.  For some persons this conclusion is clear cut.  For others they will choose to ignore the evidence and still embrace the cross which they may have viewed as a welcoming symbol before this article.  Regardless of what view you take on the cross, you will eventually be judged by God in the end. It is not my place to condemn you.  In fact I invite you to continue following this Truthseeker program regardless of what you believe. By examining what others believe you will become wiser and well rounded.  It is Gods will for some of you to minister to others as it shows at Matthew 28:19,20. By following this program and reading this newsletter you will be better equipped to deal with other Christians and even non-Christians.

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Do true Christians perform miracles, heal others, or speak in tongues?

     I recently came across a minister who claimed to be a Christian.  After speaking with my family for a while he began to speak in tongues.  The tongue he spoke in was not familiar to my family.  Red flags began to go off in my head.  I am not writing this article to condemn him but I did wonder what was the purpose of speaking in a foreign tongue if we do not speak that language.

In the bible many followers of Jehovah God performed miracles, healed persons, and spoke in tongues.  Some performed these feats by means of the holy spirit.  Others were not using Gods Holy Spirit. At Exodus 7: 8-12 there is an account where Moses told Aaron to throw down his rod.  His rod then became a snake.  That was done by Gods power.  However, after this the magic practicing priests then threw down their rods and they also became snakes. Also see Deuteronomy 18:10-12.  It is apparent according to the scriptures that some persons performing powerful works do so by means of evil spirits.  At Matt. 24:24 it says that “False Christs and false prophets will arise and will give great signs (miracles) and wonders so as to mislead, if possible, even the chosen ones.”  Also see Matt. 7:15-23.

The scriptures show that you do not need to perform miracles or speak in tongues to do Gods will.  The scriptures indicate that true Christians would have love amongst themselves.  See John 13:35. Gods word the bible also says that disciples would speak the Word to others. See Matt. 28:19,20. It is of no use to know Gods word and then keep it bottled up inside. True Christians minister to others.  At 1 Cor.12:28-30 it shows that not all Christians would have the gifts of healing or speaking in different tongues.  Satan the devil is looking to mislead person in whatever way he can. (Rev.12:9)  Satan knows that he only has a short period of time left to wreak havoc on the earth. The message is to be careful, and do not be overly impressed by the miracle men of the world.  Satan would love to have you as part of Babylon the great.

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