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December 14, 2014

Truthseeker Newsletter vol. 10 the newsletter of religion and current events

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                                                   Guard against fornication

In Gods word the bible, fornication or sex outside of marriage is constantly spoken of as something that Godly people should stay away from.  Fornication can lead to many harmful things, such as std’s, unwanted pregnancies, and marital distress Col.3:5, 1 Cor.6:13.

Pagans and persons who do not follow the bible are more likely to commit fornication because they do not follow Gods laws.  Reading the word daily will make a person more conscious of what they are doing.  We must all recognize that Gods laws in the bible are actually there to protect us. Std’s can lead to miscarriages, all sorts of pain, etc.  Yahweh or (Jehovah) does not wish for us to suffer. This is why he warns us about fornication in His word.  Once again, fornication can also lead to unwanted pregnancies, and marital distress.  It is in our best interest to heed Gods word and stay away from promiscuous persons.  At 1 Corinthians 5:11 the scriptures say that you should “quit mixing in company with anyone called a brother who is a fornicator”.  Many religions have laws set up for their members to eliminate or quarantine persons who disobey their laws.  The bible clearly states that fornicators should be removed from Christian congregations 1 Cor.5 :13.

One thing to note is that the scriptures are not saying to condemn all persons of the world who fornicate, or to try and avoid them at all costs 1 Cor.5:10.  A person would have to actually get out of the world itself in order to do that.  The scriptures say to avoid “brothers” who are fornicators.

We should keep in mind that although a brother in the faith may fornicate or have sexual relations outside of the marriage, Yahweh is a forgiving God Jas. 5:15.  He forgives many times and He is loving.  Through repentance or hard work a person can work their way back into favor with God.  Prayer can definitely help with the situation.  Also when a spiritual brother is having a problem of this nature we should not be harsh towards them or try to make ourselves seem overly righteous.  We should try to be understanding and realize that we are all still sinners and that none of us are perfect Rom. 5:12.  At Romans 5:12 it says “That is why, just as through one man sin entered into the world and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men because they had all sinned_.” Yes, none of us are perfect so we should not try to look down on others for stumbling.

We hope that this article has been beneficial to you and that you have gained from it. We urge you to set up a wordpress page so that you can comment and speak about the articles even if you disagree with something written.  We do not learn from one another by being ignorant.  You can also see past Truthseeker newsletter/blogs by clicking on the archives on the right of this web page. Amen and God bless.


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