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May 26, 2015

Truthseeker and truthspeaker newsletter vol.12

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The newsletter of religion and current events

Secret Societies

We have to pay attention to the secret societies of the world. I have recently come into contact with persons who claim to be a part of secret societies and I have read some info online about secret societies that is very interesting.

Some people believe there is a secret society known as the Illuminati who are trying to run the world and they are using celebrities and politicians to help promote their cause. Some people believe that the president is an Illuminati member and that the Illuminati is responsible for handpicking most of the past presidents of the U.S.  If you go to youtube and search for Wesley Veras; On his site you will see that he has some interesting things to say about the Illuminati.  If you also search under “Illuminati sellouts exposed” on his page you will see some shocking things in his video. He has some info about the Rothschild family and David Rockerfeller that is interesting.

Revelations chapter 13 speaks about wild beasts.  Persons who interpret the bible have identified these beasts as being governments.  Revelations is a symbolical book. Not everything is literal.  Many of the things spoken of in Wesley Veras’s article remind me of things spoken of in revelations.

The Illuminati is supposed to be composed of many powerful persons in the world. In the article “Illuminati sellouts exposed” it says that many powerful persons meet at a certain site on the West Coast to discuss certain secretive things. These people were the who’s who over powerful people worldwide. Why is there so much secrecy.

According to the article many celebrities pose showing devilish hand signs for some strange reason. Does this show their allegiance or are they just trying to be fashionable is the question. Some celebrities shown were Jay-z, Beyonce, Lady gaga, and Rihanna, amongst others.

I recently came in contact with a person who claimed to be one of the Skulls also.  Another secret society.  There are movies out about the Skulls and they appear to be very wealthy. I have heard a little about the Skulls.  If you are a God fearing person and you come in contact with a person who claims to be a part of a secret society, you should remember that they may be wealthy and it may seem cool to be aligned with them but that does not mean that they are doing Gods will. If you are interested in doing Gods will then read Ecclesiastes chapt.12:13 and Matthew 6:33 and Matthew 28:19,20. You cannot take riches from this world into God’s Kingdom. Do not try and slave for riches. Seek to do what your heavenly father wants for you.

My name is not important. I wrote this because I believe I am doing God’s will by writing this. Please comment and continue to comment on this Newsletter/blog.


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