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September 18, 2015

The Truthseeker and Truthspeaker newsletter vol. 13

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 This is the newsletter of current events and wisdom.

There is a rumor about a meteor that should be hitting the earth later this month around the 24th of September.  The person whom I heard the rumor from thinks that billions may become casualties. According to this source the Russians were clued in about the meteor and they tried to shoot it down in outer space but failed. This source also claims that the meteor may hit near the gulf of mexico. I have yet to do extensive research so I do not know all the propaganda out there about this but I am working on it. Check back on this site for an update or do your own research. It is worth checking out. I may be getting a plane ticket out of the country soon.

Is there a secret underground war going on?

I was informed about an underground war going on between the U.S. and aliens from another planet a while back. There are videos on youtube about this that you can check out. One video is “Base Dulce and the Underground alien war”. There are videos on secret underground tunnels etc. (check under D.U.M.B.). There are supposedly underground bases and superspeed railways that move at mach speed. Check the youtube video “The Alberino analysis” and you will see a lot on the underground bases and railways in dept. People have speculated for years about whether there are alien lifeforms out there. May the speculation continue.


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